Title of Presentation : Developing Clinical Legal Education Program Standards: Strengthening our Practices or Stifling Innovation?

Names of all Presenters : Anna Cody, Mary Anne Noone and Simon Rice

Short Abstract : The workshop we will share findings to date on a project that aims to develop a set of standards for effective clinical legal. The workshop will highlight emerging issues and identify controversial aspects of standards development. We actively seek participants’ contributions input to further inform our project.

In the first stage of the project we collated, documented and reviewed existing and effective practices in Australian clinical legal education programs, through lengthy interviews and regional colloquiums. We surveyed current clinical practice; opinions about elements of a good clinical program; necessary clinical supervision standards; the extent to which clinical programs are integrated within the larger curriculum and the law school; the desirable relationship between clinics, ‘externships’ and related placement initiatives; adequate staffing of clinical programs; and assessment of students’ performances.

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