Title of Presentation : Building Local Capacity to Protect Public Health and Promote Social Justice through Online Peer Education

Names of all Presenters : Wendy Morrish, Bruce Lasky

Short Abstract : Building local capacity to protect public health and promote social justice with stigmatised populations disproportionately at risk of HIV infection is difficult regardless of context. There is need for a non-colonising approach that respects local knowledge and expertise in ways that strengthen community-based initiatives to HIV prevention alongside education about human and legalrights. This paper documents an international collaborations approaches to integrate sexual rights and community legal education into HIV/AIDS online outreach and prevention programmes (OPOP) by actively listening to and including the voices of key stakeholders in the community. We report on the collaboration between clinical/community legal education initiatives, the local Thailand communities and the local clinical legal education students, research and authoring of a sexual, human and legal rights manual to be used by OPOP workers at a local grassroots community-based HIV/AIDS prevention organizations.

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Sexual_Human and Legal Rights for CM MSM and TG Manual.pdf

Mobile and online HIV_AIDS outreach and prevention on social networks, mobile phones and MP3 players for marginalised populations Christopher S Walsh,.pdf

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