Title of Presentation : We expect a lot from clinical legal education? In fact, we don’t expect enough!

Names of all Presenters : David F. Chavkin

Short Abstract : The conference theme states that, “We expect a lot from clinical legal education.” I argue, to the contrary, that we have actually expected too little from clinical education. And, because we have been too timid in effecting fundamental changes in our institutions, we have actually lent credibility to universities and colleges that continue to betray our students and the client communities that many will ultimately serve.

We need to integrate clinical legal education principles through a staged model that integrates adult learning theory into legal education. Beginning with simulations in the first year, this model uses ever more real-life contexts to bring clients and their problems into legal education. It culminates in a model in which students assume the role of lawyer under the supervision of skilled educators/practitioners to enable students to develop the reflective practice skills and values that will ultimately improve the profession.

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