Title of Presentation : An Examination of the Challenges, Successes, and Setbacks for Clinical Legal Education in Eastern Europe

Names of all Presenters : Dubravka Akšamović and Philip Genty

Short Abstract : Clinical legal education in Europe dates back to the1990’s when the first clinical projects were started, mostly influenced and supported by international NGO’s and U.S. law schools. During those years clinical activity was particularly intensive in Eastern European countries, and a number of them started to introduce clinical education in their legal education curricula. While some of these clinical programs succeeded and have continued to flourish, others were less successful and are no longer in operation.

In this presentation we will be drawing upon our respective backgrounds and experiences in our different legal and educational cultures to engage collaboratively in a dialogue about the reasons for the successes and failures of clinical legal education programs in Eastern European countries. We will be focusing on Croatia as a particular case study and trying to draw larger lessons and recommendations from this, as well as the experiences in other Eastern European countries.

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