Title of Presentation : Recent Developments in Clinical Legal Education in the Middle East

Names of all Presenters : Dr. Mohamed Mattar , Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Meghdadi, and Dr. Jassim Al-Shamsi

Short Abstract : “Recent Developments in Clinical Legal Education in the Middle East” will provide an overview of the current status of clinical legal education in the Middle East, both from the perspective of existing clinical programs and those programs that are in the process of being established. The purpose of the proposed session is two-fold: first, it aims to create awareness about the clinical legal education movement in the Middle East, which is at an especially critical point in its development, given the recent and monumental developments throughout much of the region and the growing demands for social justice, accountability, and transparency. Second, and more importantly, it aims to serve as a working session to give professors from the region the opportunity to share their challenges and to problem-solve with professors from around the world who have successfully established clinical programs under many of the same constraints and circumstances that are currently facing our colleagues in.

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