Title of Presentation: Disability Clinics: Forging New Paths and Inclusive Education for Persons with Disabilities

Names of all Presenters: Aleena Alavi, Alison Hillman, Andrea Parra

Short Abstract: The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) represents a paradigm shift in the disability field and provides a framework for developing innovative legal arguments. The CRPD is novel in expressly linking equality with specific positive obligations as a means to overcome the effect of exclusionary practices and achieve full participation in society. CRPD implementation carries profound legal implications across a broad spectrum of rights; understanding the concepts and tools enshrined in the CRPD enriches efforts not only in disability, but more broadly across general human rights work. Recognizing the need to train the legal profession to capitalize on the innovations and opportunities offered by the CRPD, in 2012 the Open Society Foundations began developing disability rights clinics. In this session, panelists from Colombia, Peru, and Zimbabwe will share experiences from their clinical programs, and a panelist from Pakistan will discuss inclusive education.

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