Title of Presentation: International and Domestic Funding, Philanthropy, and Justice-Related Education and Legal Reform

Names of all Presenters: Jane Schukoske, Mark Sidel, Pankaj Jain, Sanjay Agarwal

Short Abstract: We will discuss regulation of foreign and domestic charitable funding relevant to countries represented at the GAJE conference, including Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Kenya, Pakistan, Peru and Vietnam. Issues include restrictions on foreign funding; the changing nature of international funding for justice-related and law reform projects; the rise of indigenous and diaspora funding; the rise of intermediary funding organizations in the United States and Asia; and barriers as well as facilitative mechanisms for outflows from the US. The goals are to (i) explore implications of philanthropic regulatory systems on justice-related and law reform projects, (ii) promote the study of such systems in law schools, and (iii) expand the capacity of the legal profession to advise NGOs on international collaborations and philanthropy.

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