Title of Presentation: Teaching Ethics Clinically Without Breaking the Bank

Names of all Presenters: Donald Nicolson

Short Abstract: This paper aims to demonstrate the value (and drawbacks) of teaching ethics in the context of a live-client extra-curricular law clinic. It will begin by drawing on moral psychology and educational theory about the psychology of moral development, and the advantages of clinical legal education. This theory will then supported by extracts from the reflective diaries of students at the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic. In addition, by drawing on the model of this clinic it will show how teaching ethics clinically need not, as is usually assumed, be very expensive, and how extra-curricular clinics can provide the basis for the development of ethics courses which engage the students’ imagination and may have a lasting effect on their moral development. Finally, the approach to teaching ethics used will be demonstrated through inviting taking attendees to discuss ethical dilemmas, all of which are drawn from actual cases which have arisen in the Clinic over the past 15 years.

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