Title of Presentation: Public Health Policy Development and Implementation: Incorporating Students into the Systemic Advocacy Process

Names of all Presenters: Krisada Jaikaewti

Short Abstract: The role of the law students in the development of the law and policy related to mercy killing/euthanasia.

This presentation will provide the understanding about a method of teaching by encouraging law students to participate or involve with the activities of the organizations or the communities in order to bring the benefits to both students and community involved with such activities. The goal is to promote the development of teaching in law school which can help students to achieve better understand about law, legal process, a real situation in society, while at the same time providing the arguments supporting this method of teaching. This will be useful in formulating and improving the health policy, which can directly respond and solve the current social problems. This session provides participants with the opportunity to share the ideas about the problems in different aspects in order to develop a solution as well as suggesting the way to implement the new health policy.

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