Name: Leah Wortham

Professional Title: Professor Emerita of Law

Affiliation: The Catholic University of America

Country: United States

Title of Presentation: Using Self-Determination Theory for Enhanced Effectiveness of Justice Education Programs: Applying Research on Motivation and Happiness to Course Design and Teaching

Short Bio: Professor Leah Wortham joined The Catholic University of America’s law faculty in 1981. Her primary areas of teaching have been clinical education, professional responsibility, and criminal law. She directs two programs offered in cooperation Jagiellonian University (JU) in Kraków, Poland: an American Law certificate program for JU students and an LL.M. program for foreign law graduates. Starting in 1996, she helped Jagiellonian establish the first successful clinical legal education program in Central Europe, the model of which was replicated in many parts of the former Soviet sphere. Since 1996 has worked extensively abroad in training of and consulting with law teachers, law students, and lawyers outside the United States regarding legal ethics, legal profession reform, clinical education, and legal education reform in at least 27 countries with participants from many more. She took emerita status in 2013 to devote more time to writing, research, and international work.