Title of Presentation: Legal Aid Clinic for Marginalized Sub-Saharan Migrants in Morocco: Challenges and Collaborations

Names of all Presenters: Maud Deprise

Short Abstract: International collaborations between legal clinics and legal aid organizations focusing on the representation of marginalize migrant populations are proliferating. There are many commonalities in representing migrants in the international context. This panel will examine this type of collaboration in the context of a start-up legal aid project in Morocco. Specifically, in April 2013, at least five migrants drowned, trying to reach Spain from Morocco. This is a larger trend where mainly undocumented Sub-Saharan migrants off the coast of Morocco have died attempting to reach Europe. This incident raises issues as to the human rights of Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco. Morocco has historically been a country of migration. Its location on the border of Spain causes many Sub-Saharan migrants to attempt to transit through Morocco to gain access to the European Union. This presentation will address the issue of human rights concerns Sub-Saharan migrants face in Morocco.

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