Title of Presentation: Legal Education in Poland – Recent Developments, Reforms, and Challenges

Names of all Presenters: Izabela Krasnicka

Short Abstract: The entire system of higher education in Poland has been subject to a major reform in 2011. The influence of the reform will be intruduced on the example of legal education and the university-based law schools in Poland.
The changes concerned two spheres: teaching (design of the course syllabus, national qualification framework for the uniform 5-year law degree program) and research (substantial changes in the degree obtaining and work requirements for law professors in Poland).
The demographic decrease in the present years has made adjustment to the changes more challenging and in addition, law schools have to find new ways to attract students. One of the newest ideas, recently implemented in two Polish law schools is the introduction of a 3-year, master in law program. Despite the fact that such program is in line with the Bologna Process, the national wave of critique has spread throughout the country postins some major questions about the future of the legal education in Poland.

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