Title of Presentation: Public Health Policy Development and Implementation: Incorporating Students into the Systemic Advocacy Process

Names of all Presenters: Krisada Jaikaewti, Sylvia Caley, Withoon Taloodkum

Short Abstract:
This workshop will introduce participants to the benefits obtained, for both students and the community, of developing systemic advocacy programs in law school curricula. The goal of policy advocacy development in the law school setting is to promote the development of informed and beneficial public policy while also exposing students to the legislative and regulatory processes through which much of our public policy is developed. This session provides participants the opportunity to brain storm ideas on establishing a health policy-oriented learning opportunity; collaborating with community organizations to address health-related issues; stimulating participation by essential partners; and developing and implementing effective solutions to address the systemic problem. The presentation will provide a continuum from discovering a problem, to developing a solution, to implementing the new public policy. For an abstract of Krisada Jaikaewti’s presentation, click here.

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Systemic Advocacy Exercise