Title of Presentation : Towards a Pedagogy of Diversity

Names of all Presenters : Faisal Bhabha

Short Abstract : Diversity is a priority in North American law schools, which have sought to increase the numbers of under-represented minorities and women in their student body with the objective of creating a more representative profession. Such affirmative action measures, along with curriculum changes, have achieved mixed results, and criticisms remain that law schools fail to reflect the diversity of the society that they are training lawyers to serve. Given the unfulfilled promises of diversity, this paper situates the site of reform on the model of professional identity being produced, which the author suggests is out of reach for many minority students. The author elucidates a program for transforming the norm of lawyering that is taught in law school. Grounded in a normative framework of access to justice and equality, the author suggests that experiential learning practices offer a useful method to achieve a more engaged pedagogical commitment to diversity in legal education.

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