Title of Presentation : Addressing Bias in Legal Education for Promoting Justice

Names of all Presenters : Ved Kumari , Amari Omaka Chukwu

Short Abstract : My current exposure to Judicial Education has made me realise that law schools do little to address the question of Personal Biases in legal education. Bias is inevitable part of our personality. What we need to do is to identify our hidden bais so that we may take a conscious decision to deal with it as teachers, lawyers and judges. It is my belief that Teachers, lawyers, and judges, together have to address this question in their respective fields and analyse the role it plays in each sphere. How to ensure that the teachers’ bias does not afffect the results of a students who may be ideologically differently placed? How legal education promotes stereotyping? In jurisdictions where judges may be appointed straight out of law schools, as in India, should law school focus on judicial skills with bias minimisation as crucial to judicial decision making. We will like explore ideas, practices, and legal curricula from different jurisdictions from this perspective.

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