Title of Presentation : A Revisionist History of a Pedagogy of Practice in the U.S.: 1870 to 1917

Names of all Presenters : Richard J. Wilson

Short Abstract : I propose to present a draft chapter from a book on which Im working, tentatively titled THE ORIGINS AND GLOBAL REACH OF CLINICAL LEGAL EDUCATION: A PEDAGOGY OF LAW PRACTICE FOR JUSTICE. The book project, as the name implies, proposes a global survey of the growth of clinical legal education during the past 40 years, but also proposes to take a closer look at the origins and tenacity of what I call a pedagogy of practice in the U.S. legal academy, particularly during the period from 1870 to 1917, when the U.S. entered World War I. This was the same period that Langdells case method is said to have achieved primacy as the greatest innovation in U.S. legal education. Early chapters provide a revisionist history of the era. Chapter 2 discusses moot courts, practice courts and procedure courses, while Chapter 3, presented here, documents the earliest clinics in greater detail than ever before, including their European antecedent at the University of Copenhagen, in 1885.

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