Title of Presentation : Delivering Clinical Legal Education Beyond Geographical and Jurisdictional Boundaries

Names of all Presenters : Shaune Williams

Short Abstract : Charles Darwin University is today a leader in the delivery of flexible online legal education in Australia, offering new and exciting opportunities to aspiring law students living in regional and remote Australia. With approximately 80% of law students studying their degree in external mode from various locations around a continent fifteen times the size of Spain, CDUs clinical placement program embraces the innovative use of online technologies to offer students a unique opportunity to engage in clinical placement with an external agency located some 3800kms / 2400 miles from the university campus. The program is the only one of its kind in Australia, with students studying the law of one jurisdiction, living in another, and undertaking clinical placement in yet another. This presentation discusses the range of logistical and pedagogical challenges inherent to a program that seeks to deliver clinical legal education beyond geographical and jurisdictional boundaries.

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