Title of Presentation : Interdisciplinary Solutions to Justice Issues: Collaborating with Physicians to Address the Socio-Economic Determinants of Health

Names of all Presenters : Lisa Bliss, Sylvia Caley, Robert Pettignano

Short Abstract : The presenters are collaborators in a medical-legal partnership and teach in an in-house legal clinic. The clinic includes law students, medical students, medical residents, public health students and social work students. They will engage in a role play in which a law student and clinical supervisor meet with a doctor to discuss a case the student is working on. The role play will show the process of working through the legal issues of a client’s case as well as the medical issues. The role play will address issues of interdisciplinary learning, professional collaboration, cooperative and creative problem-solving, and how we can address health problems, and the socio-economic determinants of health, by joining together with professionals outside of the legal field. The participants will be invited to address the issues raised and to imagine ways to incorporate interdisciplinary components into their own work

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