Title of Presentation : And Justice [Education] for All: Integrating and Assessing Justice Education in the Traditional Law School Curriculum

Names of all Presenters : Emily Zimmerman, Susan Brooks , Edwin Abuya, Alistair Newbern, Yoli Redero, Susan Kay, Sheena Shukkur

Short Abstract : This program will consider creative ways in which social justice principles can be incorporated into areas of legal education where such principles have historically not been recognized. The panelists will use the specific examples of traditional law school classes to examine how a professor can include social justice as part of the doctrinal lesson. Through these examples, the panel will identify common themes within the traditional law school course of study that can lead to fruitful discussion of social justice ideas. The panel will then consider different means of assessment directed to justice education. We will also discuss pedagogical and institutional hurdles we all may face in achieving the goal of teaching a social-justice-oriented curriculum and strategize together about constructive ways to address such potential challenges. The program will be highly interactive, and participants will come away with concrete and manageable ideas for integrating justice education.

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