Title of Presentation : The university at the service of the person: a vision for the upcoming Strathmore University Faculty of Law

Names of all Presenters : Lynette Osiemo

Short Abstract : The law curriculum in most of the universities in Kenya is theory-focused arguably because of resource constraints and maybe because of a certain contentment with the status quo. This paper argues that in the current dynamic set up that characterizes relations between different interests in society, using only the traditional means of teaching will not suffice to produce graduates able to fit in the challenging environment they find themselves. This presentation proposes a program that is integrated in the learning process of the students and which brings the two functions of the university, teaching and research, effectively together. It will seek to draw examples for the upcoming faculty of law at Strathmore University, Kenya from South African universities. Such objectives, it is proposed, can be realized in the courses chosen to be taught (ie through an effective curriculum design) and the mode of knowledge delivery (use of law clinics and the clinical method of teaching).

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