Title of Presentation : Standardised Clients and Interviewing : Assessing the Advice Interview.

Names of all Presenters : Jonny Hall

Short Abstract : Northumbria is introducing a standardised client (SC) programme. SC teaching involves training members of the public to perform the role of the client in a standard way. SCs are not only trained to perform in a certain way, they are also trained to assess the student lawyers communication skills and, sometimes, to assess the ability of the lawyer to apply legal knowledge to the facts presented by identifying (through the use of carefully prepared checklists) whether the student sought important details required to look at their situation. Developments in high stakes assessment thus far have been in using SC assessment in initial client interviews. The level of legal advice expected is low. At Northumbria, the SC will both formatively assess in an initial client interview and summatively assess in a follow up advice interview. This paper will give an overview of the proposed SC plans and seek delegates views concerning the assessment of legal advice.

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