Title of Presentation : Educating the Public About their Legal Rights: A Global Tour of Streetlaw Clinics

Names of all Presenters : Seeham Samaai, Nandang Sutrisno, Wirawan Hasballah, Ernest Ojukwu, Norbani Mohammed Nazeri, Siarhei Salei, Mirwais Ayobi, Ihar Kuzminich

Short Abstract : Streetlaw clinics educate members of the public about their rights while exposing law students to the unmet legal needs of impoverished communities and providing them with invaluable public speaking and counseling skills. As the streetlaw concept has expanded globally, it has adapted to local norms and customs. In this session, panelists from South Africa, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Belarus, and Malaysia will discuss their programs and show video clips of their students conducting presentations. Attendees will be divided into groups to develop a streetlaw program to meet the needs of a particular community.

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