Names of all Presenters : Margaret (Peggy) Maisel , Karla McKanders , Sarwan Singh,  Seehaam Sumaai , Karen Tokarz

Short Abstract : This presentation involves an examination of how to engage in international cross-cultural collaboration in clinical legal education in circumstances where there is extreme deprivation and where Western methodologies are not the best techniques to facilitate sustainable systemic change. The first context in which the discussion will occur will be based on the participants’ involvement in promoting cross-cultural education programs with the law school at the University of Swaziland and the University of Tennessee. The second context will be the work of international students with the law clinic at the University of the Western Cape, a historically black university (HBU) in South Africa. The panel will address the questions of: what are the best methodologies for teaching law students to address questions of whether the law matters in non-Western systems where you want to advocate for human rights? How does cultural context impact the work you do? How do you engage a new law generation?

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