Title of Presentation : Redefining Human Rights Lawyering Through the Lens of Critical Theory: Role of Transnational Partnerships in our Pedagogy and Practice

Names of all Presenters : Davida Finger Meetaali Jain, Sarah Paoletti

Short Abstract : In our forthcoming article (of the same title), co-authored by 6 international human rights and domestic poverty law clinicians, we have sought to bridge the historic divide in the U.S. between international human rights lawyering with domestic poverty and community lawyering, out of the belief that our collective advocacy, and the pedagogy we employ, can be enhanced by the contributions of critical theory. As our project advances to the writing of a Critical Reader, in which we will further explore case studies from our clinics to demonstrate the complexities of our work and the purposes for which we put critical theory into service, we welcome a diverse set of voices and experiences as we tackle critical questions surrounding how to implement the lessons of critical theory in our teaching and practice of collaborative human rights lawyering. We are eager to engage with participants in an ongoing dialogue on the critical role transnational alliances can and does have in our work.

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