Title of Presentation : The Centrality of Relationships in Clinical Supervision and Lawyering

Names of all Presenters : Beryl Blaustone, Paula Galowitz, Catherine Klein

Short Abstract : This session will focus on the centrality of relationships in supervision and lawyering. We will critically examine why relationships with clients matter and unpack the challenges that students have in developing professional relationships with their clients and their supervisors. Understanding the nature of relationships, including those between the law student and the client, and between the law student and clinical supervisor, is critical to effective lawyering and professionalism. An understanding, appreciation and reflective attention to the emotional, cultural, political, ethnic and personal factors in relationships and relationship-building will lead to more effective supervision and better lawyering choices, particularly in the social justice context of clinical legal education. In this session, we will brainstorm suggestions for integrating relationship considerations into all the phases of the clinical legal education learning experience and lawyering practice.

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