Title of Presentation : Engaging Students in Cross-Border Investigations of Human Rights Conditions: Challenges and Opportunities

Names of all Presenters : Lori A Nessel, Carmen Barranco, Diego Blazquez Martin, Pilar Bonet, Pilar Fernandez Artiach, Ruth Mestre i Mestre

Short Abstract : Clinical law professors from Spain and the United States will present a comparative refugee and human rights project that they are designing as a case model for discussing the unique opportunities and challenges that are raised by cross-border clinical collaborations. As part of this multi-stage project, Spanish and American clinical students would initially study refugee and human rights laws at their respective institutions with weekly international skype calls. In the second stage, the Spanish and American clinic students would meet together for a joint clinical human rights training session. In the final stage, a binational delegation would travel together to a refugee-producing third country to engage in a joint fact-finding mission and then co-author a human rights report. By using this long-term project as a case study, as well as shorter-term ongoing projects, the presenters hope to engage the group in brainstorming on best practices and to interest potential new partners.

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