Title of Presentation: Clinic Strategies to Improve Legal Education and Promote Social Justice

Names of all Presenters: Asha Bajpai, David Tushaus, Kamal Sahwal, Prakash Chandra  Mishra

Short Abstract: This is an interactive presentation on the importance of Legal Clinics for improving legal education and providing social justice. The focus is on various low-cost strategies to provide clinical legal education to students in India and the United States. Strategies may include course based and clinic-based service learning. Potential barriers will also be shared. General categories include community education, legislative advocacy and direct representation so that any attendee with various restrictions may benefit. Specific examples may include literacy camps, street plays, law reforms, prison visits, consumer clinics, divorce clinics, innocence projects, mediation, cyber legal aid and media partnerships. Attendees will discuss various questions designed to help identify strategies that may be adopted to create more effective clinics, barriers adopters may face in adopting these strategies and ways in which legal clinics may overcome or have overcome such barriers.

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Discussion Questions