Title of Presentation: New Initiatives in Justice Education: Lessons from the Judicial Process of Palace Courts’ Trials in Ekpoma and Uromi, Nigeria

Names of all Presenters: Rosaline O. Ehiemua

Short Abstract: This paper details the procedure, activity, and various methods of dispensing justice in traditional palace courts in Nigeria, using Ekpoma and Uromi, two semi-urban towns in Nigeria, as case studies. Africa’s native judicial system predated and survived her colonial experience and is still very popular with the local natives in many parts of Nigeria. It argues that there is a lot the post-colonial westernized African judicial system can learn from the subsisting local variant. This paper therefore affirms that the lessons are useful in formulating new initiatives in justice education. It further makes a case for this local justice system and recommends, amongst other suggestions, a legislative enactment in Nigeria, and judicial recognition of this system, which will raise the status of such traditional palace courts to the level of inferior courts of records like the Customary, Sharia, and Magistrate courts.

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