Name: Pilar Fernandez-Artiach

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Affiliation: Universidad de Valencia

Country: Spain

Title of Presentation: Blocked By Borders: Law Clinics in Support of Migrants

Short Bio: Pilar Fernandez-Artiach is an Associate Professor of Labour Law and Social Security at the University of Valencia (Spain), and Director of the Migrants’ Clinica within the Legal Clinic for Social Justice at the School of Law. Her main fields of research are labour/work in prisons, specially related to the specific situaciĆ³n of foreigners’ inmates and women in prisons, and collective labour law (right to collective bargaining and right to strike and industrial disputes). Recently, she has started a new research about the application of the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of United Nations to the right to work and its implementation by the Spanish Government over the last three years. She has participated in several conferences, including the 6th GAJE and 9th IJCLE Conferences (Valencia, 2011), and more recently in the 1st ENCLE Conference in Warsaw (Poland) (Octubre 2013).