Title of Presentation: Legal Aid Clinics in India and the United States – Service Learning and Social Justice

Names of all Presenters: David Tushaus, Sumit Kapoor

Short Abstract: An international presentation on the use of service learning to provide social justice and access to justice in India and the United States. The study involves U.S. Fulbright-Nehru Scholar David Tushaus’ work with Indian Associate Professor Shailendra Gupta and nine Indian students to study the use of Legal Aid Clinics in legal education in India and the United States. Indian student Sumit Kapoor will report on the team’s research of the literature on this topic, development of questionnaires to send to law schools about their legal aid clinics and their use of internet communication and storage to complete and present this work. Results from these surveys will be given to show law school professors’ views on the importance of legal aid clinics in legal education in India. Students will also discuss the use of legal aid clinics to provide a service learning experience for students. Finally, the use of clinics to provide social justice and access to justice will also be discussed.

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