Title of Presentation : Marginalizing Discrimination : How Social Justice, Advocacy and LGBT Awareness on a Clinical Level Can Make Equality More of a Reality

Names of all Presenters : Carrie Hagan

Short Abstract : As more individuals identify openly as LGBT, and as more states outline the legal boundaries of an LGBT relationship, the need for awareness and services is crucial. By developing an LGBT focus within a clinical curriculum, students can promote equal social, legal and economic rights by offering LGBT individuals access to courts, and through their advocacy, shape the way the law is defined in regard to these individuals. By training clinical students, making community presentations on LGBT issues, advocating for changes in the law affecting those of LGBT status, litigation efforts and legislative action, students can make a difference for a vulnerable population that may not get assistance otherwise. This presentation will highlight issues surrounding LGBT litigation (what do you do when the law doesnt speak to an LGBT issue?), address how to identify resources (who do you network with and how do you get started?), and suggest action steps for integration into clinical programs.

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