Title of Presentation : Indebted to the experience: community engagement and the inspired student

Names of all Presenters : Sue Prince

Short Abstract : This paper considers how a Law School created innovative and engaged learning opportunities for students to both enhance the student experience and also contribute towards reducing unmet legal need within the community, outside the ambit of a traditional legal clinic. It considers whether this should be a necessary part of a broad University education. The need for students to engage with the community, at a variety of different levels, increases in a period of financial recession. UK advice agencies report that the number of debt enquiries is increasing exponentially, year-on-year. Increasingly there is an emphasis on the relationship between higher education and employment. Higher education does not only benefit those who are involved with its principle function as educators and students it can also make a significant and transformative contribution to the wider community. This paper discusses projects which offer an innovative and sustainable approach to engagement.

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