Title of Presentation : Clinical Legal Associations

Names of all Presenters : Chen Jianmin, Ernest Ojukwu , Seeham Samaai, Filip Czernicki, Arkady Gutnikov, Nandang Sutrisno, Bruce Lasky

Short Abstract : Clinical legal associations perform a variety of functions such as developing standards for clinical legal education, training clinicians, and fundraising. This session will include representatives from existing and developing clinical legal associations in Poland, Nigeria, South Africa, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, China, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. The format for the panel will be a roundtable discussion. Panelists will briefly introduce their associations after which the moderator will present discussion questions: how did the formation of your association come about? What are the benefits and disadvantages or your organizational structure? What kinds of activities does your association engage in? How do you promote the establishment of new clinics and raise awareness of clinical legal education in your country or region? What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? What are your plans for future development of your association?

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