Title of Presentation : Reflective Learning for Reflective Practice: An Integrated Approach

Names of all Presenters : Timothy Casey, Ann Herriot, Michele Leering, Mary Anne Noone, Richard Roe

Short Abstract : In this session, we explore the theme of reflective practice as an aspect of professional identity and we demonstrate methods to develop mindfulness in our students and in ourselves. Timothy Casey provides a four stage rubric for the integrated development of reflective practice and lawyering skills (interviewing, counseling, negotiation), and illustrates the use of interactive video software to assess both lawyering performances and reflective capacity. Richard Roe examines the practice of mindfulness engaging fully in the present moment in a nonjudgmental way and in tune with core values – and explains the utilization of mindfulness in the supervision of law students. After actively engaging in an example of mindful practice, participants in small groups apply mindfulness principles to a video recorded lawyering performance from the previous segment.

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Working Conceptualization of Reflective Practice – Discussion – GAJE – July 20112.doc