Title of Presentation : Fostering an Ethic of Pro Bono (Part II): Developing a culture of pro bono within law firms internationally with a spotlight on Spain

Names of all Presenters : Marcia Levy, Filip Czernicki, Ed RekoshPilar Bonet, Jose Garcia

Short Bio: As explored in Part 1 of this workshop series, lawyers have an ethical obligation to provide pro bono service. That obligation along with the fact that most governmental and legal service organizations and/or law school clinics can not meet the legal needs of all, demands that societies look at other models for serving the needs of the poor.  Law firms can and should play a role. The first part of the workshop will examine ways to develop law firm pro bono using models from the United States, Canada, Latin America and Western Europe, and best practices in law firm pro bono.  We will then focus on Spain, using a round table format for the most prestigious law firms working in Spain to share the various pro bono programs they are conducting and, ultimately, to discuss the extent of pro bono in the different countries where they operate according to the existing legal system (civil law/common law, legal aid/not legal aid). All participants will be divided in groups to discuss the essential elements of pro bono work in each system. As a result we will get: the main goals, included and excluded activities, whom they are addressed to, who is responsible for its exercise, offering free and quality of services, and whether or to what extent the pro bono work can fill the gap created by the lack of a legal aid system

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