Title of Presentation : Reflecting on Ethical Aspects of Students Work in Legal Clinic

Names of all Presenters : Maxim Tomoszek, Martin Kopa

Short Abstract : One of the goals of clinical legal education is to develop professionalism and professional ethics awareness. Since ethical aspects are often forgotten in the course of helping the clients, we decided to organize a special weekend workshop after first two weeks of clinical experience to reflect on several aspects of students work in the clinic including professional ethics. The benefit of including this workshop so early in the semester is that students can use what they have learned right after the workshop in their clinical work, effectively improving their performance and educational outcome. The aim of this session is to share, discuss and reflect the methods, content and outcomes of the mentioned workshop, which was focused on ethics of the clinical work. It consisted of hypotheticals, group discussion and other activities, which will be repeated with the conference participants with follow-up discussion.

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