Name: Maurizio Veglio

Professional Title: Lawyer

Affiliation: Association of juridical studies on migration (ASGI)

Country: Italy

Title of Presentation: Blocked By Borders: Law Clinics in Support of Migrants

Short Bio: Maurizio Veglio is a lawyer specialized in criminal, migration and family law. In 1998 he attended London’s Westminster University and graduated in 2002 at Turin’s Law University, his dissertation focused on comparative drug policy and “harm reduction” approach. He spent five years in the editorial staff of “Narcomafie”, monthly magazine dealing with organized criminality and geopolitics published by Turin-based association “Gruppo Abele” and contributed to several national newspapers and magazines (Il manifesto, Persona e danno, Il nostro tempo, Fuoriluogo, Carta). Since 2006 he is a member to the Turin’s Bar Association and ASGI (Association of juridical studies on migration), focusing on foreigners and asylum seekers condition in Italy and in European Union. Since 2011 he is serving as a lecturer at the International University College of Turin in the framework of the “Human Rights and Migration Law Cilnic”.