Short abstracts of the presentations were submitted by many of the speakers in advance of the conference. The titles of those that were submitted are underlined; to view those abstracts, click on the title.

Title of Presentation Names of all Presenters
A Model of the Intersection and Collaboration Between Pro Bono and Justice Education:  Experiences in Southeast Asia Thip Nouansyvong, Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh
Advancing Global and Local Justice by Teaching Interpersonal Competencies Marjorie Silver, Susan Brooks, Cynthia Adcock
Advancing Human Rights and the Rule of Law through Clinical Development and Partnerships with Existing University Law Clinics Marguerite Angelari, Svetlana Bezinyan
Advancing the Rule of Law Abroad:  Critiquing the Critique Laurel Oates
Beyond Borders: Street Law for Migrant Workers, A Cross-Border Experience Between Two Countries Asnida Mohd Suhaimi, Norbani Mohamed Nazeri, Hesti Septianita, Leni Widi Mulyani, Rosa Tedjabuwana
Beyond Nomenclature: Special Education or Inclusive Education: Advocating Quality Basic Education Azubike Onuora-Oguno
Blocked By Borders:  Law Clinics in Support of Migrants Ulrich Stege, Maurizio Veglio, Enrica Rigo, Luca Masera, Jose Garcia Anon, Pilar Fernandez-Artiach
Bringing Justice to Health Care through Legal Analysis and Film Judy Overall, Tamar Ezer, Mariana Berbec Rostas, Violeta Zopunyan, Tamar Dekanosidze
Building Bridges: Clinical Legal Education and the Social Sector Swathi Sukumar
Building Effective Community Partnerships and Creating Innovative Interprofessional Education Collaborations Sylvia Caley, Lisa Bliss, Mary Anne Noone, Peggy Maisel
Clinic Strategies to Improve Legal Education and Promote Social Justice David Tushaus, Asha Bajpai, Prakash Chandra  Mishra,  Kamal Sahwal
Coming to Realize Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility through Cooperation with NGOs Qiaoyan Huang, Stuti Deka
Comparative Overview of Environmental Law in Correlation with Justice Education
Cross Cultural Explorations of Empathy and Its Roles in Global Commitments and Connections Advancing Justice Education Donald C. Peters, Martha M. Peters
Developing and Presenting an ‘Instant’ Street Law Mock Criminal Trial David McQuoid-Mason, Lindi Coetzee, Lloyd Lotz
Developing Sustainable Legal Clinics in Kenya: Lessons on Funding and the Use of Pro Bono Lawyers Helene F.K. Namisi
Disability Clinics:  Forging New Paths and Inclusive Education for Persons with Disabilities Alison Hillman, Aleena Alavi, Maryam Arif
Economic Development and Human Rights: The Case of Jaffa – Housing Development Amidst National Divides Neta Ziv
Educating Lawyers for Social Justice: The Role of the University-Based Legal Clinic Patricia Atim P’Odong, Christopher Mbazira, Sandra Oryema
Engaging Law Students in the Provision of Access to Justice: The ABSU Law Clinic Experience Orji Agwu Uka
Enhancing the Quality of Justice Work and Teaching through Partnerships with Small and Solo Firms Ann Juergens
Ethics in ADR as the Ethics of the ADR Professionals Ilija Manasiev
Evidences and Challenges of Clinical Legal Education in Europe: Does Clinical Legal Education in Europe Support Justice Education Dubravka Aksamovic, Marguerite Angelari
Gender and Racial Issues in Legal Education: Law as Mechanism for Social Control Omoyemen Lucia Odigie-Emmanuel, Valorie Vojdik, Chloryne Dewi, Ogugua V. C. Ikpeze , Maria Quezada Ortiz
Global Commitments and Connections – Field Placement Experience in Advancing Justice Education Liz Ryan Cole, Richard Grimes, Peggy Maisel
Global Migration and the Rights of Immigrants Richard Boswell, Jose Garcia Anon, Withoon Taloodkum, Harbuzava Biarozka , Karen Musalo, Dzianis Biarozka, Pilar Fernandez-Artiach,
How Do We Get the Right Thing Done? Vivien Holmes, Margaret Rowe
Human Rights Education through Court Watch Program Damorn Kumtrai, Sopit Cheevapanich
Improving Access to Justice through Women’s Courts Jane Aiken, Indira Pathak, Maya Sharma
Improving Capacity in Public Criminal Defense Services in a Federation: Mexico and Nigeria Public Defense Strategies in Criminal Cases Guadalupe Barrena, Olugbenga Oke-Samuel
Including Economic Justice in a Social Justice Teaching Agenda: The Role of Clinics Representing Non-Profits, Small Businesses and Social Enterprises Barbara Schatz, Susan Jones
Incorporating Freedom of Information Law into the Work of Legal Clinics Marguerite Angelari, Raquel Yrigoyen, Ernest Ojukwu, Ramiro Ugarte
Integrating Actual Legal Work into Traditional Classes (With Attention to First-Year and Large Classes) Steven Schwinn
Integrating Social Work Theory and Practice into the Law Clinic Curriculum Susan McGraugh, Carrie Ann Hagan, Stephanie Boys
International and Comparative Human Rights Practicum: A Clinic Across Borders Fatma Marouf, Ananna Bhattacharjee, Mona Singh, Srikrishna Deva Rao ,
International and Domestic Funding, Philanthropy, and Justice-Related Education and Legal Reform Jane Schukoske, Sanjay Agarwal, Mark Sidel, Pankaj Jain
International Field Placements for Students and Faculty – Exploring Challenges and Best Practices in Achieving Social Justice Helen Yandell, Catherine Klein, Leah Wortham, Catherine Campbell
Justice Education for Global Citizenship Cheryl Milne, Sarah Pole
Justice Education in the Middle East Sahar Maranlou, Setareh Saeedi Araghi, Seyed Masoud Noori, Hangama Anwari
Justice Education Programs and the Importance, Ways and Means of Data Collection and Evaluation Panariairat Srichaiyarat, Marguerite Angelari
Lady Justice, the Law and Violence against Women in South Africa Managay Reddi
Legal Aid Clinic for Marginalized Sub-Saharan Migrants in Morocco: Challenges and Collaborations Karla McKanders, Maud Deprise
Legal Aid Clinics in India and the United States – Service Learning and Social Justice David Tushaus, Tarun Bhowmick, Sumit Kapoor
Legal Clinics as Emerging Human Rights Actors at the Local and Global Levels Mutaz Qafisheh
Legal Clinics:  Street Law and Live Clients Kivilcim Turanli Yucel, Kasim Akbas, Ayse Yuruk
Legal Education in Poland – Recent Developments, Reforms, and Challenges Izabela Krasnicka
Legal Education, Low Income Communities, and Informal Justice Robert Rubinson, Jane Murphy, Lydia Nussbaum
Legal Literacy with Regard to Transgendered People Sriparna Rajkhowa
Marketing Pro Bono Work to Law Students Paul McKeown
Mindful Pathways to Social Justice Richard Roe, Angela Gius
New Intitiatives in Justice Education: Lessons from the Judicial Process of Palace Courts’ Trials in Ekpoma and Uromi, Nigeria Rosaline O. Ehiemua, Cordelia A. Agbebaku
On the Globalization and Localization Tendency of Clinical Legal Education in China Liqun Ma
Overcoming Barriers in Justice Education with Survivors of Gender Violence in Marginalized Communities Martha Garcia, Andrea Parra
Policy and Legislative Advocacy: Clinical Work for Justice Education Maryam Arif, Alejandro Posadas, Jose Garcia Anon, Pilar Fernandez-Artiach
Post-Graduate Support in Legal Education: Incubators and Residency Programs Fred Rooney, Margaret Barry, Luis Raniel Calcano, Noel Tejeda, Luis Daniel Sosa
Promotion of Pro Bono: Among Lawyers and Law Students:  Lessons to Learn from Experiences in Poland and the United States (Including Mandatory Pro Bono in New York) Paula Galowitz, Liubou Krasnitskaya, Susan Kay
Public Health Policy Development and Implementation:  Incorporating Students into the Systemic Advocacy Process Sylvia Caley, Krisada Jaikaewti, Withoon Taloodkum
Putting Ethics into Practice: The Use of the Standardised Client Methodology to Teach and Assess Issues of Professional Ethics, Responsibility, and the Lawyering Role Freda Grealy, Rory O’Boyle
Remorse and Forgiveness in the Criminal Justice System P. Puneeth, Latika Vashist
Smart Governance Ulyana Shtybel
Social Justice Through Social Entrepreneurship Susan Jones, Jonathan Ng
Student-Initiated Clinics and Pro Bono Projects in the US, France, and Germany David Oppenheimer, Judith Bueschleb, Marie Mercat-Bruns, IoanaTchoukleva, Carolin Niedlich
Taking Freedom of Information to the Streets: A New Wave in Nigeria Amari Omaka
Teaching Ethics Clinically Without Breaking the Bank Donald Nicolson, Sue Prince
Teaching Social Justice in Large Enrollment Classes Lisa Bliss, Sopit Cheevapanich, Mae Fah Luang
The Bertha Foundation Be Just Network: Models of Social Justice Lawyering Meetali Jain, Purvi Shah, Daniel King, Colin Gonsalves, Kranti L C, Harry Roque
The Development and Expansion of Clinical Legal Education in Vietnam Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh , Richard Grimes, Donald C. Peters, Martha M. Peters, Nicholas Booth
The Law Reform and Access to Justice Clinical Model: Pretrial Criminal Justice and Civil Law Clinics Doug Colbert, Marianne Artusio, Ernest Ojukwu, Nasiru Mukhtar, Neil Pacmalan
The Northwestern Access to Health Project:  An Interdisciplinary Approach to Health and Human Rights Juliet Sorensen
The Notions of Ethics and Morality – Ethics for Legal Professionals:  A Case Study Method Malgorzata Krol
The Role of Clinics in Combating Trafficking in Persons Mohamed Y. Mattar, Mayada Abdel-Kader, Essam Zanati, Lina Shabeeb
The Role of Constitutional Institutions in Advancing the Rule of Law and Protecting Human Rights Karthy Govender
The Role of Justice Education in Promoting Community Engagement in Sustainable Development Christopher Simmonds
The Role of Legal Clinics in Promoting Human Rights and Activism Ruslan Masharau, Siarhei Salei
The Role of National and/or Supranational Networks to Enhance CLE Ulrich Stege, Marguerite Angelari, Filip CzernickiMargaret Barry, Abdul Jamil
The Role of University Based Legal Clinics in Systemic Advocacy – Do We Have Something Unique to Offer? Stacy Brustin, Lisa Martin
The Status of Clinical Legal Education in Pakistan Omar Maniar, Faiza Haswary, Suhail Shahzad, Rabia Rajpoot Yousef
The Status of Clinical Legal Education in the Middle East:  Developments Since 2011 Mohamed Y. Mattar, Mohammad Mahdi Meghdadi, Saif Al Rawahi, Lina Shabeeb, Omar Houri, Seyedeh Fatemeh Hashemi, Boshra Sadat Emami, Mohsen Bolhasani, Mohammad Habibi Mojandeh
The Success of Grassroots Justice in the Ukraine:  A Case Study Ivanna Ilchenko
The Use of a Topical Human Rights Issue to Teach Justice Education:  Consumer Credit Jonathan Campbell
Those Women Whose Defiance You Have Cause to Fear: Contextual Factors Affecting the Teaching, Learning and Advocacy about Issues of Domestic Abuse in Non-Western Settings Stephen A. Rosenbaum, Mary Pat Treuthart, Sara Chandler
Training of Trainers Workshop: Clinic Design Jeff Giddings
Training of Trainers Workshop: Designing Models of Social Justice Clinics Margaret Barry
Training of Trainers Workshop: Integrating Professional Responsibility and Ethics Ernest Ojukwu
Training of Trainers Workshop: Running A Social Justice Clinic Susan Brooks
Training of Trainers Workshop: Social Justice Mission of Law School Clinics Frank Bloch, Jeff Giddings, Catherine Klein
Training of Trainers Workshop: Workshops on Clinical Teaching and Professional Development of Clinical Teachers Richard Grimes
Trial Advocacy as a Component of the Curriculum of Practical Legal Studies at the University of Wetwatersrand Daven Dass
Using Self-Determination Theory for Enhanced Effectiveness of Justice Education Programs: Applying Research on Motivation and Happiness to Course Design and Teaching Leah Wortham, Catherine Klein, Paula Galowitz, Freda Grealy, Ernest Ojukwu
Using Simulations and Mock Trials in Clinical Legal Education to Change the Attitude and Instill Ethics and a Social Justice Commitment in Students Abraham Klassen