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Title of Presentation Names of all Presenters
42 Placements on – Sheffield Hallam University’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galactical Placements Colleen Smith, Anna Deans
A Clean Slate: What shall I draw? Establishing a New Legal Advice Clinic in a New Law School. Rachel Spencer
A comparison of the clinical experience in Vietnam and Nigeria Idorenyin Akabom Eyo, Bruce Lasky, Wendy Morrish, Nadia Morales, Freda Grealy
Advocacy Outside of the Courtroom: Social Change through Policy & Legislative Advocacy Elizabeth Cooper
A Model for Interdisciplinary Clinical Legal Education: Medical and Legal Professionals Learning and Working Together to Promote Public Health Lisa Bliss, Sylvia Caley, Robert Pettignano
An Examination of the Challenges, Successes, and Setbacks for Clinical Legal Education in Eastern Europe Philip M. Genty, Dubravka Akšamović
A Revisionist History of a Pedagogy of Practice in the U.S.: 1870 to 1917 Richard J. Wilson
A Study and Demonstrations of Cross Border CLE Collaborative Initiatives-The BABSEA CLE Experience Bruce A. Lasky, Wendy Morrish, Nadia Morales, Rachel Bardiger, Panarairat Srichaiyarat, Asnida Mohd Suhaimi, Suzanna Abdul Hadi, Norbani Mohamed Nazeri, Helen Yandell, Ramakrishna, M.K.R. Prasad, Xu Xiaofeng, Simon Rice, Nandang Sutrisno, Vidjia Phun, Gwynne Skinner,
A Treaty to Secure the Right to Food Gwynne Skinner
Access to Justice in European law: New Challenges for Europe M. Elvira Mendez Pinedo
Addressing Bias in Legal Education for Promoting Justice Ved Kumari, Amari Omaka Chukwu
Administering Legal (Pro-Bono) Clinic: Challenges and Prospects Ibijoke Patricia Byron
An Option for the Thai Legal Education Reform: Learning from CLE in China. Panarairat Srichaiyarat, Chen Jianmin
And Justice [Education] for All: Integrating and Assessing Justice Education in the Traditional Law School Curriculum Emily Zimmerman, Susan Brooks , Edwin Abuya, Alistair Newbern, Yoli Redero, Susan Kay, Sheena Shukkur
Assessment of Practical Skills: Practical Legal Studies at the University of Witwatersrand Daven Dass
Beyond Lessons: Street Law at Young Offenders’ Institutions Asnida binti Mohd Suhaimi
Building on Best Practices and Educating Lawyers to Be Public Citizens Nancy Cook, Ann Juergens , Antoinette Sedillo Lopez
Building Local Capacity to Protect Public Health and Promote Social Justice through Online Peer Education Wendy Morrish , Bruce Lasky
Clinic and the Law curriculum: student and faculty attitudes to clinical learning Pilar Bonet, Pilar Fernandez, Ruth Mestre
Clinic from Catastrophe: Justice Education in Haiti Roxane Dimanche, Georges Gabrielle Paul, Margaret (Peggy) Maisel
Clinical Legal Associations Chen Jianmin, Ernest Ojukwu , Seeham Samaai , Filip Czernicki, Arkady Gutnikov, Nandang Sutrisno, Bruce Lasky
Clinical Legal Education – What it can/cannot achieve Victoria Speed, Jessica Austen

Clinical Legal Education and Cultural Relativism- The Realities in the 21st Century

Oluyemisi Bamgbose
Clinical Legal Education in Jordan: Overcoming the Unique and Common Challenges Nisreen Mahasneh, Kimberly Thomas
Clinical Legal Education in Spain: Analysis and Discussion on experiences Patricia Cuenca, Diego Blazquez, Carmen Barranco, Maria Marquès, Pliar Bonet, Aitana De la Varga Pastor , Jaume Saura
Clinical Theory v. Theoretical Clinic Lucia Madlenakova, Pavla Tonnies, Tereza Skarkova, Petra Melotikova
Clinical Education in China: The Next Step Liu Jianming, Hu Minfei, Xu Shenjian, Brian Landsberg
Common law and civil law Systems: Skills and challenges for CLE Ruth Mestre i Mestre, Pilar Fernandez Artiach, Donald Nicolson
Corruption and the limits of legal education Nigel Duncan, Sara Chandler
Cradle to Grave: Teaching Justice, Ethics and Law in a Clinical LLB Donald Nicolson
Crossing Borders: Creating an American Law Clinic in China Cecily E. Baskir
Delivering Clinical Legal Education Beyond Geographical and Jurisdictional Boundaries Shaune Williams
Developing Clinical Legal Education Program Standards: Strengthening our Practices or Stifling Innovation? Anna Cody,Mary Anne Noone and Simon Rice
Developing a Disciplined Approach to Reflection: Encouraging Reflective Practice, Integrated Learning, and Sharing Promising Practices. Michele Leering, Ann Herriot, Mary Anne Noone , Rick Roe , Tim Casey
Educating the Public About their Legal Rights: A Global Tour of Streetlaw Clinics Seeham Samaai, Nandang Sutrisno, Wirawan Hasballah, Ernest Ojukwu, Norbani Mohammed Nazeri, Siarhei Salei, Mirwais Ayobi , Ihar Kuzminich
Education Reform of Legal Clinic on Responding to Disasters Cheng Hao
Empowering Communities through Law School Clinics in Effecting Good Rural Governance in Developing Countries. Rama Krishna Prasad Mandava, Ajay Pandey, Jane Schukoske, Anirban Chakraborty
Engaging Students in Cross-Border Investigations of Human Rights Conditions: Challenges and Opportunities Lori A Nessel
Enhancing Legal Education’s Core Values – Social Justice Apprenticeships/Court Collaborations Natalie Gomez-Velez
Environmental Justice Antonio Cardesa, Jordi Jaria, Helen Kang, Maria Marques, Amari Omaka, Dean Hill Rivkin, Veronika Tomoszkova
Feedback, Evaluation, and Grading Wallace J. Mlyniec
Freedom of Information: An Essential Foundation for the Protection of Other Fundamental Rights Merit Ulvik, Mate Szabo, Tivadar Huttl, Seeham Saamai, Ramiro Alvarez Ugarte, Macarena Rodrigues, Javier Casas, Olufolahan Adeleke
Fostering an Ethic of Pro Bono (Part I): Establishing and Teaching a Lawyer’s Public Citizen Responsibilities Doug Colbert, Marianne Artusio, Dimitry Shabelnikov,Kara Irwin
Fostering an Ethic of Pro Bono (Part II): Developing a culture of pro bono within law firms internationally with a spotlight on Spain Marcia Levy, Filip Czernicki, Ed Rekosh, Pilar Bonet, JoseGarcia-Anon
GAJE and the “Global Clinical Movement” Frank Bloch
Global Mapping of Research and Curriculum for Paralegal Related Legal Education Srikrishna Deva Rao, David McQuoid-Mason, Zaza Namoradze
How can lawyers cooperate with medical doctors? Comments based on the activities of The Medical Law Clinic Maria Ejchart
Human Rights and migrant’s detention centers around the world: exchanges and experiences Jose A. Garcia, Antoni Llorente, Ruth Mestre
Human Rights Fact-Finding in the Domestic Context Gwynne Skinner, Raven Lidman
Indebted to the experience: community engagement and the inspired student Sue Prince
Innovative Solutions to Challenges Facing Criminal Defense Clinics Zaza Namoradze, Ernest Ojukwu, Gebrehiwot Hadush Abera, Vidjia Phun, Wang Shirong, Mirwais Ayobi
Interdisciplinary Solutions to Justice Issues: Collaborating with Physicians to Address the Socio-Economic Determinants of Health Lisa Bliss, Sylvia Caley, Robert Pettignano
International Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Theory & Praxis Margaret (Peggy) Maisel, Karla McKanders, Sarwan Singh , Karen Tokarz
Introducing a Public Interest Focus in the Legal Clinic Program: A Case Study from the Kyrgyz Republic Nurila Isaeva, Elida K Nogoibaeva
Just Enough Science to Make You Dangerous: Integrating Forensic Science Into the Law School and Legal Clinic Curriculum Susan McGraugh
Justice Education for First Year Law Students at Berkeley Law: The Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects Tirien Steinbach, David Oppenheimer
Legal Aid Clinic and Access of Women to Justice Sahar Maranlou,Celeste Romero, Maria Celeste
Legal Clinics and Socio-Economic Rights- The Street Law Approach in Ebonyi State Nigeria Amari Omaka Chukwu
Lessons from Russia: The Society’s and Employers’ Expectations of Lawyers v. What Law Schools Have to Offer Dmitry Shabelnikov
Mainstreaming Human Rights and Justice Concerns in the Law Department Curriculum Leah Worthman, Elida K. Nogoibaeva, David McQuoid-Mason, Catherine F. Klein
Marginalizing Discrimination : How Social Justice, Advocacy and LGBT Awareness on a Clinical Level Can Make Equality More of a Reality Carrie Hagan
Mediation Clinics in Societies in Conflict: Case of El Salvador Eva Patricia Rodriguez Bellegarrigue
Morals, Values, and Ethics in Clinical Teaching Wallace J. Mlyniec
Moving on: Street Law as social action David McQuoid Mason et al. Presentation by Richard Grimes
New CLinics and new clinicians:interactions at UVEG Carmen Azcarraga, Carmen Cabrera, Fabiola Meco, Ruth Mestre
Postgraduate Clinical Legal Education: A Cooperative Model Monica Hayes
Promoting Awareness of Environmental Justice in Law Students: Beyond the Legal Clinic Veronika Tomoszkova, Magdalena Peterkova, Zuzana Adameova
Providing Effective Representation to Immigrants in Law School Clinics: Challenges, Comparisons and Collaborations Won Kidane, Stacy Caplow
Recent Developments in Clinical Legal Education in the Middle East Dr. Mohamed Mattar
Reconstruction of professional ethics in post-communist society through legal education Maxim Tomoszek, Martin Kopa
Redefining Human Rights Lawyering Through the Lens of Critical Theory: Role of Transnational Partnerships in Our Pedagogy and Practice Davida Finger , Meetaali Jain,, Sarah Paoletti
Reflecting on Ethical Aspects of Students Work in Legal Clinic Maxim Tomoszek, Martin Kopa
Reflective Learning for Reflective Practice: An Integrated Approach Timothy Casey, Ann Herriot, Michele Leering, Mary Anne Noone, Richard Roe
Re-imagining the International Human Rights Law Clinic Arturo J. Carrillo, Nicolás Espejo
Restructuring Student Assessment in Clinical Legal Education: A Comparison of Medical and Law Clinic Practices Kevwe Mary Omoragbon
Rural Communities Criminal Justice Awareness Project – RCC-JAP Jessica Callen and Jane McLeod
Access to Human Rights: Lawyering for Drug Users and Sex Workers Mariana Berbec, Tatyana Margolin
Social justice and curriculum development – the case for problem-based learning Richard Grimes and Ben Fitzpatrick
Social Justice Towards Gender Equity: Securing Gender Justice Helene F. K. Namisi
Standardised Clients and Interviewing. Assessing the Advice Interview Jonny Hall
Sreet law programs in activities of legal clinic in Belarus Khrystsina Shustava , Liudmila Vasilyeva
Street Law Workshop Ed O’Brien, David McQuoid-Mason, Bruce Lasky, Wendy Morrish, Richard Roe, Ruth Mestre, Pilar Fernandez Artiach, Richard Grimes
Teaching Justice principles Across the Curriculum Sheena Shukkur
Teaching Through Clinics in Civil Law Systems: the Case of Italy Marzia Barbera, Fabio Ravelli
Technology Transfer and The Challenges of implementing clinical curriculum in Nigerian Law Faculties: Lessons from the Afe Babalola University Experience Ikechukwu Bernard Okafor
The “New” European Law Clinics: A Round table Discussion Rick Wilson (Moderator), Kevin Kerrigan, Hector Olásolo, Janina Gieseking, Diego Blázquez Martin, Marzia Barbera, Filip Czernicki, Jacek Kowalewski, Richard J. Wilson
The Centrality of Relationships in Clinical Supervision and Lawyering Beryl Blaustone, Paula Galowitz, Catherine Klein
The Days of Law as a Form of Legal Enlightenment Alena Mikhasiova, Yuliya Saukina, Marina Kirichuk
The development of China Legal Clinical Education and the Function of CCCLE Panarairat, Chen Jianmin
The Impact of Clinical Legal Education Curriculum and Delivery on Students Performance: A Case Study of the Nigerian Law School Odigie-Emmanuel Omoyemen Lucia, Ruth Mestre
The Learner-Centered, Due Process Model of Clinical Supervision: Insights from Street Law in the US and the Czech Republic Michal Urban, Richard Roe
The Need For Legal Clinic For Young Offenders: A Survey of Young Offenders Prison in Malaysia Norbani Mohamed Nazeri
The role of Legal Clinical Methods in Promoting Financial Literacy and Education Yuliya Khvatsik, Liubou Krasnitskaya, Katsiaryna Harbuzava
The university at the service of the person: a vision for the upcoming Strathmore University Faculty of Law Lynette Osiemo
The Use of Virtual Law Programs to Support Access to Justice Education Initiatives Simon Rice, Wendy Morrish, Bruce Lasky, Tina Cockburn
The Way to Legal Practice Education in Zhejiang Gongshang University Jianming Liu ; Minfei Hu
Timor Leste: Improving Access to Jusitce of Women in Gender Violence Jeswynn Yogaratnam
Towards a Pedagogy of Diversity Faisal Bhabha
Transforming Students, Transforming Selves: Teaching and Learning about Social Change in Context. Three Models of International Comparative Clinical Cooperation William Berman, Jeffrey Pokorak, Martin Geer, Fatma Marouf, Ramakrishna Prasad Mandava, Srikrishna Deva Rao, Raquel Aldana
What Attracts Law Students to Teaching Law at Schools in Street Law Programme and How Teaching Law Changes their View of Law and Lawyers in Society? Michal Urban
What is legal professionalism and can clinic teach it? Tony Foley
What is the role of the legal clinic, and should it be influenced by the desire to achieve social justice? Carol Boothby, Sarah Morse
What should be the role of Legal Clinics within systems of subsidized and free Legal Aid? Zvonimir Jelinic
We expect a lot from clinical legal education? In fact, we don’t expect enough! David F. Chavkin